To view the webcast, you will need the free Windows Media Player from Microsoft and a connection to the Internet.

Click here to get Windows Media Player

If you are experiencing poor quality on the "High Bandwidth" stream, try the "Low Bandwidth" stream instead since you may not have enough network bandwidth to support the higher quality stream. Our servers will attempt to recognize your connect speed and deliver the best possible stream. However, this may not work properly if you have altered your Media Player configuration settings from the default settings.

If you are using an old (version 6.4) player or are viewing in a computer running Windows NT or Windows 98, you may experience a delay before you see and hear the webcast due to the fact that your Media Player is trying to download and install the latest codecs required for this presentation.

During the webcast, if you stop seeing or hearing the presentation, try clicking the "stop" button, then click the "play" button. This will attempt to reconnect to the stream. If this does not work, please close your Media Player and click the link on the web page again.

During the webcast, if you continue to experience trouble, please email and we will do our best to assist you during the event.