EBM Webcaster


Our EBM Webcaster is the way to go for live streaming on the go (or in the studio). It’s powerful, small, quiet, and comes preconfigured and ready to go live on the ‘net. Starting at the ground-breaking low price of $5395, you’ll also get 3 months of FREE streaming when you buy an EBM encoder and sign up for any annual streaming service.

Combined with our MPS (multi-protocol streaming) service, you can have a briefcase-sized package capable of creating a live Internet broadcast to thousands of people, from multiple cameras, to any browser or mobile device, anytime – from a classroom, hotel, boardroom, coffee shop, or anywhere with an Internet connection.

The EBM Webcaster is a popular choice for our 24/7 webcast customers since it is designed for silent, effecient, worry-free operation. We have heard of our encoders in the field running for well over an entire year without requiring a reboot.

We can also configure 1U or 2U rack mount encoders for environments where space is a premium and noise is not an issue – like a machine room or a datacenter.

Our encoders are built to order and customized to your needs, using the latest boards, processors, and capture cards – so exact specs can change. Please inquire about exact specs when you place your order. Contact us to spec out a machine for you that suits your needs.