Media Services


As more and more people are “cutting the cord”, podcasting is hot again. We can provide you with publishing tools, hosting, and even audio/video production if you need it to launch your own podcast and publish your feed to iTunes and any other podcast tool.

This service is available to our existing customers at no additional cost. Ask your account manager today, or Contact Us for more informatio


Here’s something we cooked up for a customer that makes great sense. If your organization has a need to record particular programming for archival or informational use (your CEO just got interviewed on CNN, for example), we have a great solution. Think of it as a fancy Tivo that you can program over the web. Through a web interface, you can schedule recordings and we take care of the rest. We can even automatically transcode your files to a streaming format, extract the closed captions, and publish a fully captioned stream to your intranet. Cool huh? Warning: You must make sure that you have distribution rights or clearance for any content we record for you – otherwise we can’t help.


Our TotalRecall service allows your next conference, briefing, or presentation to be captured the way it was presented. The entire presentation is searchable, can be captioned for Section 508 compliance, and provides a valuable knowledge retention mechanism.

Searchable Video/Slide Presentations Create a Valuable Archive of Your Event

Our TotalRecall service allows your next conference, briefing, or presentation to be captured the way it was presented. The entire presentation is searchable, can be captioned for Section 508 compliance, and provides a valuable knowledge retention mechanism. We can even publish the complete presentation to your website, our servers, or CD-ROM. By allowing users to search the content and instantly access the parts of the presentation that are of interest, TotalRecall can save hours and hours of shuttling through video tapes and locating PowerPoint documents.

Key Features:

  • Searchable – we extract all text and metadata from PowerPoint presentations
  • Synchronized captions are supported
  • We do all the encoding, caption management, and synchronization – one stop shop!
  • Just give us your tapes and slides, or we can record the event on site!
  • Slide representations maintain all original hyperlinks and animations of the original presentation
  • No need to have PowerPoint installed on the viewing computer
  • Display windows is browser based and scalable (Slides get larger as window size is increased
  • Print the slide deck directly from the presentation
  • Time Shifting – view events in faster than real time at prefect quality
  • View slide notes and slide thumbnails
  • For the ultimate performance, stream the video from our EastBay CDN!
  • Distribute finished presentation on your intranet, the Internet, CD-ROM, or all three
  • Quick turnaround

Who Can Benefit from TotalRecall?

  • Organizations producing conferences or briefings
  • Government agencies needing to comply with Section 508
  • Those demanding the best quality and experience
  • Event producers interested in accommodating the widest possible audience
  • Organizations looking for a cost effective searchable event archive solution
  • Anyone producing a conference

What’s so “premium” about our encoding services? Simply put, it’s our really great gear in the hands of expert compression technicians who know how to use it. Encoding video for web delivery and other low-bitrate applications is truly an artform. Ever see Internet video that just looks awesome? Well, just maybe it has passed through our hands.

We pre and post-process your audio and video to prepare it for online delivery using specialized broadcast-quality hardware and custom software. We understand how to scene-by-scene tweaks that correct gamma, color, and audio dynamics to optimize performance on a computer screen. We understand what codecs to use and why. We encode with your users and customers in mind. Our job is to enhance your brand, not destroy it. The result of our efforts is quite amazing – especially when viewed side by side with the “off the shelf” encoding that you get from most companies, or from automated “upload and convert” websites.

Need High Definition or 16:9 format? No problem. We have recently upgraded our studio to handle what we soon expect to be a “must have”.

EastBay Media’s “enCode of Ethics”:

We will always think of our customer’s audience and needs when they entrust us to encode their content. We will use the best tools available and build the tools that are not available. We will not allow anyone to touch an encoder who is not an expert compressionist. We will twiddle no knob unless there is a good reason. We will make your Internet video look better than you can.


Knowledge and creativity are assets that we can provide to your organization’s digital media strategy. Our many years of experience and deep technical understanding of Internet media can help your company move forward. Our top minds are available for you to leverage in the following areas:


  • Digital media approach/strategy
  • Encoding and delivery best practices
  • Live streaming system design and production
  • Hardware/software evaluations
  • SEO and social strategies as pertaining to digital media
  • Streaming technology best practices and trends
  • Mobile delivery best practices and trends


  • Compressionist tools, training, and techniques
  • Multi-bitrate, Mobile encoding, iOS encoding techniques
  • Live Webcast Video/Audio Production
  • Lighting, Videography, Audio/microphone use, Set design for webcasting
  • Telestream Wirecast, Telestream Episode, Adobe FMLE
  • Microsoft WM Encoder 9, Expression Encoder
  • JW Player setup and configuration